Domestic Horror Stories #194 – The Workshop

As they had always intended, he started to take over the old toy workshop behind the upper hallway wardrobe.  First the air compressor went in.  Then he spent a weekend unpacking the tools from storage.   Next, he seemed to acquire alarming amounts of PVC pipe, for a person who wasn’t doing any plumbing.

Every once in a while, as she was unpacking and organizing the attic office that had become her space, she would peek down through the ladder hole to see what he was doing.  She would smile as she watched him work, and ignore any smells coming up the ladder.

Finally the day came.  It was time to test the air cannon.   How could she tell?  He came home with a large bag of potatoes, and a piece of plywood.


Domestic Horror Stories #193 – The Hobby

She watched him doing the research for several days without saying anything.   He watched all the videos, and read the blog posts.  She ignored his actions.

Then she came home one evening to find an ad from the local hardware store on her desk.  “You want a shop vac?” she asked over dinner.

“No, why?”

“You left an ad for them on my desk.”

“Oh, not the shop vacs.  I was thinking about the air compressors.  They’re really so handy to have around.  Nail gun.  Spray painter.  I mean, we are slowly remodeling.”


“Thought I’d pick one up on the way home tomorrow.”



“So, when are you going to start building the air cannon?” she asked.

He looked sheepish.  “In a couple of weeks.  I’m still making plans.”

She nodded.  “Do I get to fire it?”

“You bet babe.”