Girls on Cars #2: The $2,000 Car Challenge, Part Two


By: Opel Rickenbacker

It’s not that I don’t believe in warranties for cars. It’s that I don’t believe in extended warranties at all. For anything. They’re never worth the money you pay for them. I do not invest in things that are there simply to make me feel better. I do not require being made to feel better about spending my money for our corporate overlords.

As we were driving to the next car lot, I quoted the price I was willing to pay for a car: $2,000. Period. Bentley was shocked. Nova was intrigued. About $2,000 was what they were planning to put down. What if we all could get cars for that price, and see how long we could run them? Thus the $2,000 Car Challenge was born.

The rules were simple — buy a car for $2,000 or less, then keep track of the purchase price, money for repairs, and gas mileage. In six months we’d see who’d gotten the best deal…if any of the cars were still running at all.

Adopting The Challenge immediately changed our trajectory. Instead of heading for the Fieri dealership (Bentley had delusions of grandeur), we took a sharp left to the local Foss dealership. We ran into our first problem almost at once. Between us and the Foss dealership, sitting under an elm tree, was a 1969 Dorsey Dash. Someone had given it a silver paint job, added purple flames, and had planted a handwritten *for sale by owner* sign on it.

I was in love. A true and everlasting love. This was the big one. So even though I knew I couldn’t afford it, I made Bentley pull over.


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