Domestic Horror Stories #191 – Don’t Break a Leg

He came home to find her perched on the roof of the front porch.  “Um Sweetheart.”

“Would you just get the ladder?”

Hi picked the ladder up off the driveway and held it while she climbed down into his arms.

“What on earth?” he asked.

“It was so pretty when I got home, I decided to just take the Christmas lights off the porch.  The ladder got knocked over accidentally.”

“Nobody saw you up there?”

“You shouldn’t have done that alone.  We could have done it together when I got home.”

“I am perfectly capable of taking down Christmas lights.  I just can’t get back down when I’m done.”





Domestic Horror Stories #190 – Ambition

“We could just be one of those families that leaves their Christmas decorations up all year,” he said.

“I’ll grant you there is an argument for leaving up the outdoor lights,” she said.


“The tree has to go.  It’s getting creepy.  Like a relative that won’t leave.”

“Plastic wrap and stuff it in the basement.”

“To Lurk among the dark shadows and boxes.  No.”