Domestic Horror Stories #187 -Clean Up

They were working out in their front yard the next day, as the Benson boys trooped by with a large garbage can and a trio of rakes.

“It’s good to see them taking responsibility for the clean up over at Ray’s,” she said.

“Yup,” he said as he glanced up.

“I mean Ray has to be happy that their parents are making them take care of the mess.”


“You’re wishing you’d been in on testing the catapult aren’t you?”

“It would have been awesome.”

“We could build one.”

“Eh, we’re adults.”


“How about an air cannon?”


Domestic Horror Stories #186

Bobby and Ernie came back with five grapefruit, a box of assorted balls from the basement, and five boxes of carefully stored antique glass Christmas ornaments.  This would be great catapult ammo.

Just as the boys were thinking gleefully about the potential results of their experiments, their father opened the back gate.  There seemed to be a large number of people standing behind him.

“Are you boys shooting pumpkins into other people’s yards?” Dad asked.

“No Dad,” said Chuck.

“Were all out of pumpkins,” said Bobby.

“But it’s okay,” said Ernie.  “We’ve still got grapefruit.

Domestic Horror Stories #185 – Ammo

“What if we launch more than one?” asked Bobby the middle Benson boy.

“That’d be awesome,” said Ernie, the youngest.

“Cool,” said Chuck.

They loaded the catapults basket with the five smallest pumpkins.  “Three, two, one…” they chanted.

Chuck pulled the rope, and the pumpkins flew over the privacy fence and landed with distant whumps.  The boys roared in victory!

With practiced energy they set and loaded the catapult with the last three pumpkins.   As they watched the last three pumpkins arch over the fence, a sad hush fell over them.  No more pumpkins.

“I wonder what else we could launch,” said Bobby.

The twinkle returned to Chuck’s eye.  “I’ll reset it, you guys go look,” he said.