Domestic Horror Stories #156 – While We’re At It

“All I’m saying is that the demo is done.  So let’s talk about making some changes,” she said.

“We don’t even use that bathroom most of the time.  We could make is a coat closet,” he said.

“That’s one idea.”

“What’s your idea?”

“A better bathroom.”


“Then what’s your idea?”

“A sauna.”


Domestic Horror Stories #155 – Stripped

“Honey I’m home,” she called.

“I’m back here,” she heard the call come from down the hall.”

She walked down to the open door of the mostly unused half bath.

“What’s….”  the question died in her throat.

“Don’t panic,” he said.

“What happened?”

“There was a tile loose, and I decided to see what was behind it.  This is what was behind it.”

“You didn’t know there were studs behind the wall?”

“Not for sure.  And neither did you until now.”

Domestic Horror Stories #154 – The Cure for Aliens

He stopped calling out to the aliens when he heard her laughter echoing through the big empty house.   After taking another walk through the lower portions of the house rechecking the locks on the doors, he went back upstairs.

She was smiling in her sleep.

He lay down next to her and kissed the top of her head before curling back up to sleep.

“Did you get them all,” she murmured?

“All of them.”

“Thank you.”

Domestic Horror Stories #153 – Her Hero

He got out of bed and went out in the hall.  “Here aliens.  Come here,” he started to call out to the house.

She could hear him moving through the second floor of the house as he called out.  “You can’t eat her aliens.  I know she looks tasty.  But I need her.   Only she knows where my winter boots are.”

Laying in bed she smiled.

“Besides, she’d bite back if you tried to eat her.  Human rabies.  No alien should have to suffer that kind of death.”

She chuckled.

“And obviously if you try to eat her, I’ll have to destroy all of you.  I can be very scary that way.”

She started to laugh.